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Offering a full spectrum of LNG consulting and design services

CH·IV International provides all the engineering support needed to take a client through the steps necessary to evaluate the viability of owning and operating full spectrum of engineering and consulting services related to LNG and other petroleum gases.


Some of our key services are

LNG Consulting

  1. Hazard Exclusion Zone Studies
  2. Public Outreach and Education
  3. Expert Testimony
  4. LNG Shipping Trade Simulations
  5. Plant Life Expectancy Studies
  6. Facility / Equipment Due Diligence Studies
  7. Vapor Handling Evaluations
  8. Deep Water Ports according to 33CFR
  9. Waste Heat/Waste Cold Utilization
  10. Liquefaction Cycle Design or Selection
  11. Pretreatment System Performance Optimization Analysis
  12. Gas Supply / Demand Studies
  13. Gas Supply Alternatives
  14. Non-Traditional LNG Production Concepts
  15. Landfill (LFG) Liquefaction

Owner’s / Lender’s Engineer

  1. FEED Oversight
  2. FEED / EPC Pre-Qualification, Bid Preparation, Selection, Negotiation
  3. Detailed Design Oversight
  4. Construction Inspection and Oversight
  5. Emergency Response Manual Development

Due Diligence

  1. Technical
  2. Commercial
  3. Feasibility of Concept

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Some of our Production & Consulting projects

Providing LNG Services to clients around the globe since 2001.

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