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  • The CH·IV International Corporate Profile is intended to give an overview of the experience and expertise of the CH·IV International organization. In addition to this profile, the document also covers LNG Services; Current / Recent Projects; and Publications and Presentations.
  • El Perfil Corporativo tiene como objetivo proporcionar una visión general de la experiencia y los conocimientos de la organización CH·IV International. Además de este perfil, el documento tambié n cubre Servicios a la Industria del GNL; Listado de Proyectos y Publicaciones y Presentaciones..
  • The Rebuttal of the video "The Risks and Dangers of LNG" is an exhaustive report prepared by CH·IV President, Jeff Beale, analyzing the points made in the controversial video made by Tim Riley.
  • The Cooldown Gap, a presentation created by Jeff Beale describes the critical path for an LNG facility commissioning and startup

The Cold Corner

The following documents were originally printed in Natural Gas Fuels Magazine's Cold Corner column. All written by Jeff Beale covering a range of topics, but mostly in and around the uses of LNG as a vehicular fuel.

  • Cold Corner Articles- 1996: "Surfin' LNG"; "Building Blocks for a Perfect NGV Program"
  • Cold Corner Articles- 1995: "First Dedicated LNG Fuel Plant Online"; Another Satellite LNG Facility Online"; "Anatomy of an NGV Program"; Time to Forget the 'L' in LNG"
  • Cold Corner Articles- 1994: "NFPA 57- What's it All About?"; "Perspectives: LNG, Gasoline, Diesel"; A Funny Thing Happened on The way to the LNGV Fueling Station"; "The Other Cryogenic Fluids"; Natural Gas Liquefaction Primers"; "You Want it When??"
  • Cold Corner Articles- 1993: "Dispelling the Myths About LNG"; "Using LNG to Make CNG"; "LNG Vehicle Fueling Station Operation"; "LNG Supple Infrastructure"; "No Longer Sleepless in Seattle-Why the Metro Chose LNG"; "1993- The Year of LNG in Review"





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