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    Production Engineering and Consulting Services

    CH·IV International can provide all the engineering support needed to take a client through the steps necessary to evaluate viability of owning and operating an LNG production facility

    LNG Consulting Services

    • LNG Consulting

      1. Hazard Exclusion Zone Studies
      2. Public Outreach and Education
      3. Expert Testimony
      4. LNG Shipping Trade Simulations
      5. Plant Life Expectancy Studies
      6. Facility / Equipment Due Diligence Studies
      7. Vapor Handling Evaluations
      8. Deep Water Ports according to 33CFR
      9. Waste Heat/Waste Cold Utilization
      10. Liquefaction Cycle Design or Selection
      11. Pretreatment System Performance Optimization Analysis
      12. Gas Supply / Demand Studies
      13. Gas Supply Alternatives
      14. Non-Traditional LNG Production Concepts
      15. Landfill (LFG) Liquefaction

      Owner’s / Lender’s Engineer

      1. FEED Oversight
      2. FEED / EPC Pre-Qualification, Bid Preparation, Selection, Negotiation
      3. Detailed Design Oversight
      4. Construction Inspection and Oversight
      5. Emergency Response Manual Development

      Due Diligence

      1. Technical
      2. Commercial
      3. Feasibility of Concept



Process simulation software customized by CH·IV specifically for natural gas and LNG/LPG applications.  Suited for conceptual design studies as well as verifying detailed work performed by others.

Natural Gas Interchangeability
Internally developed program based on A.G.A. Bulletin 36.  Suitable for determining blending, injection and/or extraction requirements for imported LNG.

BREEZE® Modeling Software
Predicts LNG vapor dispersion from LNG spills, thermal radiation flux from LNG fires and numerous other impacts of air emissions, fires and explosions.

Klosek-McKinley Density
Calculates total energy of LNG cargoes.  Enhanced by CH·IV.

LNG shipping / rail trade simulator (used for fleet, tank, and end-use and vaporization sizing calculations).  Developed by CH·IV.

Hub & Spoke ModelTM
Computer model of “grass roots” LNG program based on new natural gas liquefaction plant(s), LNG trucking / barging-based distribution and multiple end-use applications (power plant, industrial, vehicular, local gas distribution, etc.).  Developed by CH·IV.

Custom LNG Applications
Based on client-specific specifications.

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